Shellac – What You Need to Know from a Nail Salon Aventura, FL

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nail salon aventura flWhenever people come to our nail salon Aventura, FL, they ask us about shellac. They wonder if it’s worth doing it over artificial nails. We usually tell them yes, it is even though it’s less expensive. Why?

The Downside of Artificial Nails

As many of you know, artificial nails aren’t the best things for your natural nails. When we remove them, a level of your nail is removed, and that can leave your nail brittle. It can take some people years before they are able to get their original nail back to the strength it was before they had the artificial nails.

Why Shellac Is Better

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Spring Cleaning Your Hair at a Hair Salon Aventura FL

Even though the Florida area doesn’t get too cold, hair still goes through changes during the winter months. Many people deal with dry hair that needs to be taken care of in the spring. That’s why it’s a good idea to do some spring cleaning of your hair at a hair salon in Aventura, FL.

Moisturizing the Hair

When you come to a hair salon in Aventura, FL, you will find that there are many ways to moisturize your hair. The best Brazilian keratin hair treatment Aventura FL should be your pick. This treatment will deeply moisturize your hair, so that the cuticles will go back to their healthy state.

When you leave the salon, you’ll find that your hair has never been so soft. You’ll also feel the treatment weeks after you’ve received it. Your hair will be protected by the keratin treatment. Read More