Spa Aventura FL: What to Expect When You Choose Us

spa aventura FLThere’s nothing like taking some time to treat yourself to a spa. If you’ve never done it before, you may want to give it a try because it really will give you an experience you will love.

What to Expect from Spa Aventura FL

When you come into our spa Aventura FL, you will immediately be greeted by our friendly staff. This person will make you feel comfortable and start to relax you. You are about to take care of only yourself when you choose a spa day here, so we want to make sure it’s perfect for you.

We will start with your hair because we believe this is the best way to begin the relaxation process. Having someone go through your hair giving you a beautiful cut or long extensions will turn you instantly into the diva you know you want to be. From there, if you want color, we’ll get to work on that. During the stay in the chair, you can feel free to speak to the stylist, read magazines, or just play around with apps on your phone. It’s all up to you.

Once we are done with your hair, we will move on to your nails. We offer luxurious manicures and pedicures. You will feel all of your stress just slide away. You’ll get a nice hand and foot massage, which is part of the manicure and pedicure. It’s like getting a massage for free!

You can pick from many different nail options. We can give you a full set or we can take the nails you have and put shellac on them. Shellac gives you polish that last for about two weeks and then you’ll also see how strong your nails can be with it. You can also just get a nice manicure and have your nails painted. We have several different pedicures to choose from, so feel free to pick the one you find the best for your relaxation. Some people just want a simple pedicure while others choose some of our specialty services that include wraps on your feet that make them oh-so-soft.

Isn’t It Time to Treat Yourself to a Spa Aventura FL?

You won’t believe how good you feel after you have a spa Aventura FL day. All you have to do is get a few friends together and give us a call to schedule. We make special accommodations for those who want spa packages, so don’t feel as though you’re just coming in for hair and nails.

We’re excited to give you the peace and relaxation you want after all those long hours. Give yourself the treatment you need to be able to do everything you do every day as superwoman.

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