Shellac – What You Need to Know from a Nail Salon Aventura, FL

nail salon aventura flWhenever people come to our nail salon Aventura, FL, they ask us about shellac. They wonder if it’s worth doing it over artificial nails. We usually tell them yes, it is even though it’s less expensive. Why?

The Downside of Artificial Nails

As many of you know, artificial nails aren’t the best things for your natural nails. When we remove them, a level of your nail is removed, and that can leave your nail brittle. It can take some people years before they are able to get their original nail back to the strength it was before they had the artificial nails.

Why Shellac Is Better

Shellac is just like nail polish. It looks like nail polish when we put it on, and after you place your hand under the UV light, it hardens. It hardens so much that the nail polish will not be ruined if you touch someone accidentally right after using the light.

Shellac is so hard that brittle nails do not break. What that means is that after the shellac starts to wear off in about two weeks or so, you will have longer nails. When you see your nail salon Aventura, FL again, the shellac is removed and a new polish is added to the longer nail. Over time, you will have those long nails you want and they are natural.

Removing Shellac

The removal process of shellac is unique to regular nail polish. You don’t just put nail polish remover on it and it comes off. Since it is thicker and becomes harder than nail polish, it takes a bit more work to take off. First, we put nail polish remover on your nails with a cotton ball. We keep a piece of the cotton ball on each nail and then wrap it with aluminum foil. We leave that on your nails for about 15 minutes. Sometimes, it’s shorter and sometimes longer, but after we check and see the polish coming off, we remove them. We use a sanding tool to remove the rest of the polish on your nails. We do not harm your natural nail in anyway. Once that is done, we will take care of your cuticles and soak your hands, so you can walk away with nice soft hands.

We can then put on a new coat of shellac. It will look as lovely as it did before and you’ll be ready to go again for another two weeks. It’s a long time and you’ll appreciate it when you don’t have to get your nails for over a week.

So if you’re looking for a way to make your natural nails grow and look better than they do now, choose the shellac at our hair salon Aventura, FL. We are more than happy to give you artificial nails if you like those better. We have many people who are quite pleased with them and we have no problem applying new ones, filling them, or replacing them.

We are a full service nail salon Aventura FL. Just give us a call for an appointment today.

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