Why You Should Use a Hair Salon Aventura FL

hair salon aventura fl

hair salon aventura flMany people often try to save money by doing their own hair. This usually doesn’t end up being the best decision. If you’re considering it, you may want to keep reading.

Cutting Your Own Hair (Or Having Someone Else Cut It)

People who decide to do their own hair often either do it themselves or ask someone they know to do it. The problem is that when you do it yourself, you can’t reach far enough to get the rid angles. This can end up giving you a cut that you really don’t like. When you have a friend cut it for you, there’s a chance that person will end up ruining it. You end up not liking your cut and then that could be awkward for you and your friend. Read More

Stress Relief that Really Works

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spa aventura flWhen you’re stressed, it can be hard to relieve it. You’re on an anxiety ridden path and jumping off is just as scary as staying on it.

Usually, it’s because you’re too busy. You have so much to do, and you’re overwhelmed with it all. Instead of cutting down on things to do each day, you accumulate more. You get to the point where you don’t know how you will manage any of it.

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February’s Specials

Special Of The Month February 2015   For Her
Full Head Seamless Tape Hair Extension System $400
Full Head Cylinder Keratin Hair Extension Fusion System $750
Full Head Cylinder Hair Extension (NEW) $750
Brazilian Keratin Treatment $89

*The price includes the hair & Women’s Haircut & Style, except “Brazilian Keratin Treatment”

Hair Extensions

Couture Paris Salon & Spa offers the newest innovations in hair extensions for Miami and Aventura residents. Our state-of-the-art treatments and services ensure that you get only superior results. We work with the top manufacturers to provide you the highest quality of hair extensions.
Seamless Tape System

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Hair Design and Styling

When it comes to hair design and styling, Couture Paris Salon & Spa strives to be considered one of the best. Our  hair stylists are professionally trained with years of experience with hair design from the basic beauty upkeep to extravagant wedding style designing.
Hair design takes more than some thought and practice. When styling your hair the stylist will first get familiar with you and the look you’re going for. Our hair stylist specialists will style your hair according to the fashion direction you choose.

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When it comes to HAIR COLOR AND HIGHLIGHTS , Couture Paris Salon & Spa holds a reputation as being an upscale and up to date hair salon that is both fashionably and economically affordable. Our trained professional _hair color_ techs are certified and highly experienced interactively with clients of all varieties whether it is for the basic color upkeep or for a vibrant exclusive look you might be aiming for.

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Ammonia Free Highlighting

When most clients approach a hair salon their main concern is the final look they are striving for. This is of course a common direction taken by the average consumer although it should be slightly altered. The look and physical appearance is an important aspect although the first priority should be the well being of one’s hair.

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