Finding the new look you want

The majority of our business comes from word of mouth, but lately we have noticed a new trend at hair salon Aventura FL. Many of our customers come in with a hairstyle, new colors or extension ideas they found online. It could be from something seen on Facebook, Pintrest, Instagram or somewhere else, but it gives them ideas and they want to try it. We love that, we love when our customers give us a challenge and want to try something different and exciting. We have to talk about how we do coloring, extensions, nails and everything else that we offer but our real belief if that we are a re-inventing specialist. We look to help you to reinvent yourself, get that new look that is going to help you to feel fantastic. We know how important our role is in your life. Everyday customers walk through our doors needing a new hair style as they prepare for a wedding, anniversary, birthday, special occasion, job interview or just because they feel the need to start over, have a re-energized and new look and we provide that. What makes us the leading hair salon in Aventura FL is that we know exactly what you are looking for. You want a new you, a new look!

Ask yourself this; what are three things you love and what are three things you do not love about your hair? Everyone will have different answers and what we can do is make the three things you love be more of a focal point and the three things you don’t love be less of an impact for your hair style. For example, if you love the color of your hair but you do not think it pops enough we can do something about that. Your hair is more than just hair, it is part of your personality. That’s what so many people fail to realize, when you come to hair salon Aventura FL, you are not asking for a haircut, you are asking for almost a new identity that taps into your personality and that is what we try to do. We love a challenge and our customers rely on us to give them that fresh, youthful look they have been searching for. Our shop is more like an oasis, an escape from the day to day responsibilities you have, a mini vacation where you can relax, catch your breath and leave feeling reenergized and like a completely new person. Hair salon Aventura FL doesn’t just give you a new hairstyle, we give you a new look, a new outlook and a new attitude. It’s time to stop looking at what other people are doing on social media and come in and give yourself the new look you want. We are here, waiting to help you accomplish this, so just give us a call. It may only be a couple of hours, but a new you, a new attitude and a new outlook are all waiting for you and sometimes you need to give yourself a break to really be able to enjoy life. Read More

Wedding Hairstyles From Hair Salon Aventura FL

It’s wedding season and your leading Hair Salon Aventura FL is here to help. This is the big day and if you’re not sure what hairstyle you want, or the stress of planning your wedding is becoming a bit much, we are here to take some of the pressure off. There is so much pressure that comes with planning a wedding and sometimes we forget that it is also supposed to be a fun and adventurous time as well. So if the stress is getting to you and those around you, why not take a break from it and have some fun? Call and schedule a day with Hair Salon Aventura FL! Nails, extensions, coloring, waxing and of course full hair treatments. We invite you to our relaxing environment where we take care of your needs to help you to look your very best on the big day. But what about your family, your bridesmaids and your friends? Bring them along as well because everyone wants to look their best on the big day and we have plenty of room for the big party.

We love our customers and we appreciate when they come to see us. We also love when a young bride to be comes to us for nails, waxing and of course, the big new hairstyle. This is the biggest day of your life and the fact that you would trust us with your hair means the world to us. We absolutely feel privileged and honored when our customers come to us to help them get ready for big events; weddings, prom, graduation, parties, anniversaries, special occasions and more. This has become a social media world and your picture is being taken all the time so we know full well how important it is to look your best. That’s why we are relentless in providing the best customer satisfaction imaginable and making sure you leave with the hairstyle of your dreams. Read More

Hair Salon Aventura FL

Reliability, that is what is needed today more than anything. Hair Salon Aventura FL believes in reliability, that is what has made us successful and that is why you keep coming back. We can talk about our spa treatments, how we offer the best hair extensions in the business or how our prices are affordable but that is not what you need to know about because others will tell you all about their experience here. What we want to educate you on is why we believe being the most reliable hair salon in Aventura FL is our top priority. All of us have experienced the day to day rush that is our lives. Work, school, families, responsibilities and everything else. You cannot make it through a TV show these days without your phone going off for one reason or another and it can all become overwhelming. We wanted to create an atmosphere that is serene, relaxing and different from anything else you do. That’s why we set out to do, and that is exactly what we accomplished.

Our customers come to us, not because they need to get their hair treated and styled, not because they want their nails done or need new extensions and not because of our prices. Our customers come to us because we offer them an escape, an escape from the stress and an opportunity to relax and unwind. We are that mini vacation you wish you could take every week and when you leave Hair Salon Aventura FL you feel like a completely new person refreshed, rejuvenated with a fabulous new look. That’s what we do for our customers and that’s why they keep coming back to us. We know how important it is for you to have that little break every now and then and that’s what we provide. Read More