Best Hair Extensions Aventura FL Celebrates National Hair Extension Day

May 22nd is National Hair Extensions Day. If you missed it, that’s okay. You can get hair extensions at a hair salon Aventura FL at any time. What we wanted to do to celebrate this day was tell everyone a little more about hair extensions.

In the past, hair extensions were bad for people’s hair. They would cause hair breakage and damage to the cuticles that would cause hair to grow unhealthy. Now, many things have changed with hair extensions. They are no long bad for hair.

There are three types of hair extensions you can choose from:

  • Clip ins
  • Glue ins
  • Tape
  • Sewn

The glue ins will last about 12 weeks, while the clip ins can be put in and taken out whenever needed. Many people will bring their extensions to a hair salon Aventura FL to have them cut to the length of their natural hair. Since most hair extensions are made from natural hair, it can be cut, curled, and treated just like your own hair.

Trendy Hair Extension Ideas

While people used to try to match their hair extensions to the color of their natural hair, that is no longer the case. Now, hair extensions come in a wide range of colors. This means that people can put the extensions in to add the color that they didn’t want to dye their hair.

Kylie Jenner is famous for adding colored hair extensions in her hair. If you’ve seen recent pictures of her, you can see how great they look on her.

Most people decide to get hair extensions because they want a fuller head of hair. Since they can be put in permanently, people can get fullness and volume easier just by visiting a hair salon Aventura FL.

How to Make the Decision

You don’t have to jump into getting permanent hair extensions. You can try the clip on ones to see how you like them. If you do, you can then make another hair salon Aventura FL appointment to have ones glued into your hair. Since the glued ones last about three months, you’ll be able to experience what it’s like to have them in your hair for a long time. If you still like them after that amount of time, you’re probably ready for the permanent ones – sewn hair extensions.

Just keep in mind that permanent means they will stay in a long time. You’ll have to take care of them really well or they will come out. Be sure to ask your stylist as he/she is putting them in how you can ensure that you get the best life out of them.

Another tip: when shopping for extensions if you don’t get them from our hair salon Aventura FL, be sure to choose good quality human hair. It does matter when it comes to how they look, feel, and how long they last.

Call the best hair extensions Aventura FL salon today for more information.

Happy National Hair Extensions Day!

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